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Who are we?

Foundation's Precedents

My Last Wish, A. C. (MUDAC) was legally constituted on April 27, 1993, by Mr. Tomás Fernando López Jiménez, who continues to be the President until today. Working from the day of its foundation for the benefit of children and youth with cancer.
My Last Wish, A.C. He started his activities in the street of Pavo # 236, but only as offices. In 1995, due to the increase in needs and the services provided, it was necessary to look for a house that would fulfill the functions of offices and shelter, located at the street of González Ortega # 570. Staying there until the year of 1999, year in which with the help of C. Governor Alberto Cardenas Jiménez and of Srio. of Health Cristobal Ruiz Gaytán, the acquisition of the house located in the street of Liceo # 779 was achieved, where our facilities are currently located, so it has a more accessible location to the various public hospitals.


Give the child and young people with cancer another reason to continue living by providing all the support necessary to see their dreams come true


Have a more solid and adequate infrastructure to provide children and young people the opportunity to do things they have always dreamed of


• Transparency • Honesty
• Respect • Humbleness
• Kindness.

What sector of the population do we serve?

Jalisco's sector, and people from all over the country that are served and treated in the city of Guadalajara. Newborns up to 18 years old accompanied by a relative. To treat according to their conditions.

How is it possible to get our services?


Through that Institution and in collaboration with social workers of the Guadalajara's Public Hospitals.


Call our numbers or send us a message to provide the necessary information on how you can support and donate.


Arriving to the address with an ID of the hospital.

How do we help the community? 

Children and adolescents with cancer as well as chronic degenerative diseases, depending on the case if their families have limited economic resources, we help them with different types of activities, with the wish to generate happiness and a better quality of life for the little ones. Check wich one do you like more:


1. Letter to Santa Claus

The children write a letter to Santa Claus telling him what do they want for Christmas, then we manage and ask for godfathers to give the kid his desired gift. See more...


2. King's Day for the Kings

January 6th of each year we make a home party where we serve hot chocolatte and a traditional mexican bread called "Rosca de Reyes".


3. Traveler Angels

We organize trips for the kids that are in it's terminal stage and we make their last wish traveling together to the place that we can afford, with the help of the benefactors. See more...


4. Xv's Dance

This is a special day to our princesses, we make and organize a grouping XV's party, it doesn't matter if they already have 15 years old or doesn't, here the most important is to celebrate. See more...


5. Help with the funeral expenses

We help to people that can't afford in that moment with their funeral expenses. See more...


Homestay/ Home

We have a place for the people that can't afford a hotel. See more...

Statistics about the kid's cancer in Mexico.

The 3 types of childhood cancer more common are:


Leukemia: the first childhood cancer most common  (31%), with a survival rate of 80%.


Brain Tumors: the second most common (16%), with a survival rate of 67%. 

Lymphoma: the third most common (15%) With a survival rate of 91% in the cases of Hodkin's Lymphoma and 72% in the cases of No Hodkin's Lymphoma .

• Income report for donations

$ 1,263,461.00 

• Report of administratives expenses

$ 68,395.00

Report of substantive expenses 

$ 1,195,066.00

You can search our Financial States information here

Our RFC is : ude930427b57

The story where everything began… The start of this huge project surged because several events that it was making Don Tomas’ path. Beginning with the touching story, the problem where the thoughts for help to the children came was this one. Don Tomas and his wife were waiting for their second daughter, with the illusion of this important event they were preparing for her arrival. The mother suddenly got a hemorrhage; Don Tomas quickly called a cab for going to the hospital and arrive early to attend properly to his wife. At the moment that the mother entered to ER she was abnormally bleeding, at the same time Don Tomas asked the doctor that what was happening. And they informed him that in this situation of high-risk pregnancy and threatened abortion it had high odds of applying curettage to the baby in reason of taking care of the mom’s integrity. Inside the Hospital there was a little chapel, Don Tomas went and took a knee for asking God that If He can help him with this enormous problem, He made a faith promise of helping kids somehow. On the whole so much tension, the doctor accomplished controlling the situation and finally, after 3 months his wife and daughter got out in perfect conditions giving a treatment for keeping their lives alive. After all, an opportunity presented to Don Tomas to be a hospital volunteer and they proposed him to organize a child’s party for one kid with terminal stage of cancer, with the intention to keep the promise he made. As a result of this behavior making this duty of helping kids in a laic way raised the idea of creating this Marvelous Foundation.

Liceo 779, Centro Barranquitas, 44280, Guadalajara, Jalisco.


Phone: 36140426
Phone: 36134851